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Did You Know? 80% of vehicles qualify for complete coverage at less than $40 a month when signing up with Breeze.

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Breeze Protection
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Up to 100K Maximum
7 years
Up to 7 years Maximum
Starting at $15 a month

$2,500+ upfront

All internal lubricated parts

Engine block; cylinder head(s)

Exhaust manifold

Expansion Plugs

Harmonic balancer

Intake manifold


Oil pan

Rotary engine rotor housing

Timing belt/chain and tensioner

Timing chain cover

Valve cover(s)

Valve springs and retainers

Water pump

Electric coolant pump

Electric oil pump

Diesel accessory vacuum pump

Lift pump

Injectors and injector pump

Manufacturer-installed turbocharger(s)

Bypass valve(s)

Blow-off valve(s)

Intercooler and waste gate(s)

Installed supercharger and intercooler

All internal/internally lubricated parts

Metal cooler lines


Throttle valve cable

Torque convertor


Transmission and transfer case housing

Transmission cooler

Oil pan

Vacuum modulator

External and internal control unit

Automatic electronic clutches

All internal lubricated parts within the

drive/transaxle assembly and housing

including axles and axle bearings

Constant velocity joints

Constant velocity boots

Drive shaft support

Differential cover

Hub bearings

Front hub locking assemblies

Drive shaft;

Universal joints

Four wheel drive actuator

Hybrid vehicle electric motor assembly

Electronic transmission/transaxle assembly

Electric traction-drive motor assembly

Hybrid vehicle DC-DC converter

Inverter assembly and converter

Motor power cable/wiring harness

Engine-power control module.


Alternator voltage regulator

Distributor including

  • Bushing
  • Gear
  • housing and shaft (excluding cap, rotor and spark plug wires)


Ignition coils

Oil pressure sending unit

Main engine wiring harness

Ignition module and main electronic control unit

Powertrain control module

Starter motor, solenoid and starter drive


Power mirror motor

Washer pump motor

Sunroof motor

Sunroof motor

Sunroof motor

Power seat motor and transmission

Power window motor assembly

Front and rear wiper motors

Sunroof motor

Convertible top motor

Fuel pump

Fuel distributor


Metal fuel lines

Pressure regulator


Fuel tank

Fuel tank sending unit

Throttle body

Idle speed or automatic idle speed assemblies

Warm-up regulator.

Electric cooling fan motor

Heater control valve

Blade assembly and fan clutch


Belt tensioner

Heater core

Heater core




Condenser; pulleys and bearings

Compressor, clutch and electric engine

Blower motor



Orifice tube

POA valve

Suction control devices

Thermostatic expansion valve

High/low compressor cutoff switch

Pressure cycling switch

Dye, flushing liquids or refrigerant(s)

Lines and coil(s)

Master and power brake cylinders

Vacuum assist booster

Hydro boost

Disc brake calipers

Wheel cylinders

Compensating valve

Hydraulic lines, fittings and control unit

Parking brake (excluding handle and cables)

The following ABS parts

  • electronic processor
  • wheel speed sensors
  • hydraulic pump/motor assembly
  • pressure modulator valve/isolation dump valve and accumulator

Power steering pump

Rack & pinion

Steering gear box

Upper & lower ball joints

Leaf & coil springs (if broken)


Upper & lower control arms

Wheel bearings

Ball joints

Control arms

Torsion bars, mounts and bushings

Stabilizer bar

Radium arms and bushings

Height sensor

Mode switch

Coil and leaf springs

Strut cartridges

Wheel bearings

Wheel seals

Electronic level control system

Air conditioning/heating power module,

controller and relay

Dash control unit/temperature control programmer

Manufacturer-installed theft deterrent

Cruise control module

Electronic servo/transducer

Amplifier and adaptive radar system

Head lamp door motors

Ignition spark control pick-up sensor

Instrument cluster

Keyless entry system

Power seat motor and transmission;

Touch-operated electric switches

Trunk lid release activator and motor

Power lift gate motor and

power sliding door motor

Manufacturer-installed hardware

software for infotainment systems

Global positioning systems and navigation systems

Audio/video/gaming equipment

Airbag system including inflatable seatbelts

Electronic stability control system

Tire pressure monitoring system


Video cameras

TV monitors